For over 30 years, NovoSci has provided medical device manufacturers with cost-effective custom manufacturing and assembly solutions. Whether you are a new company or an established corporation looking to expand, we offer a strategic partnership based on quality and integrity.

As the premier manufacturer and distributor of single-use, disposable medical devices, we maintain a massive distribution network that spans the globe. Our product catalog currently includes more than 300 single-use, disposable medical products suitable for use in cardiovascular and general surgery, including:

  • Adult and pediatric suction devices
  • Air aspirator needles
  • Cannula tubing and tubing organizer accessory packs
  • Disposable connectors
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
  • Perfusion adapters
  • Vessel clamps

In addition to our standard product lines, our contract manufacturing capabilities allow us to design, fabricate, and assemble custom medical devices tailored to a customer’s unique needs. Armed with a state-of-the-art production facility, our experts can deliver high-quality products with a quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Our Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

At NovoSci, our contract manufacturing services are designed to provide high-quality and cost-effective medical product solutions for cardiovascular and general surgical applications. From concept development to product assembly and distribution, we serve as a one-stop manufacturer for custom devices.

Our extensive experience in contract manufacturing allows us to provide a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Custom perfusion supply kits
  • Tubing packs for cardiovascular surgery
  • General medical and surgical kits
  • Customized labeling with UDI Barcoding
  • Packaging
  • Third-party logistics

Why Partner With NovoSci?

By partnering with us for their manufacturing needs, customers benefit from our:

Experienced Professionals

Our highly qualified and knowledgeable team of engineers and specialists are pleased to assist customers with the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of products. With over three decades of industry experience, our employees have the skills and knowledge needed to provide cost-effective custom solutions that meet even the most stringent customer requirements.

Versatile Production Capabilities

With our contract manufacturing services, customers are guaranteed to receive top-of-the-line products that are tailored to their unique specifications in a timely fashion, regardless of production volume. Our Class 10,000 Clean Room and cutting-edge production technology ensure that we provide sterile products in both low and high volume production runs quickly and efficiently, allowing customers to save time and money.

Superior Logistical Support

In addition to superior design and manufacturing services, we maintain a climate-controlled warehousing and distribution facility to provide our customers with a safe, secure, and sanitary environment for their product inventory prior to shipping. Our top-of-the-line materials management system allows us to track products down to the lot level, so customers are fully aware of their inventory status at all times. Our seasoned logistics department is committed to ensuring timely, efficient, and accurate delivery so that products are where they’re needed when they’re needed.

Contact the Experts at NovoSci

At NovoSci, we are dedicated to providing superior products and services through our strict quality management system. We are ISO 13485 Certified and FDA registered, so you can be sure that your products are well within industry standards. For additional information about our contract manufacturing capabilities or to partner with us on your next project, contact us today.